Welcome to The Forgotten Toy Shop

The Forgotten Toy Shop® is a small independent online toy store, bringing you the best quality traditional toys and games for the young (and young at heart!). 

We stock a range of wonderful wooden toys that are suitable from birth. Along with an elective collection of playground classics that will take you on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood.

Come and take a look through our store and discover traditional and classic toys you thought you had forgotten.

Who are The Forgotten Toy Shop...

The Forgotten Toy Shop® is the brainchild of Karen Dorn. 

After several years of running the business alongside a full time job, Karen decided to take the plunge and run The Forgotten Toy Shop full time from 2015. 

Running the business on her own, from carefully selecting the stock for the store, to processing and packing every single order. Karen is very passionate about reigniting the magical joy of childhood play, and providing the highest quality of customer service. 

In 2016 Karen was joined with chief toy tester, Zachary, who quite often likes to help with the unpacking of new stock, but sometimes becomes a challenge when he wants everything for himself to play with!! 


Supporting Indie Game Makers

As an independent business I like to support Independent game makers whenever I can. Here are three of the current games from Indies we have in stock.

  • Brainbo!

    Brainbo! is a new, fast and furious card game from ZISS Design. Imagine identifying the colour of the word 'blue' when it is printed in green ink - that's the key to this game. View game here

  • Ridiculum

    The jumbled up animal card game that will have the whole family laughing out loud! Each of you create a ridiculous animal, then swap cards as you race to become the first to get a matching set. View game here

  • Knock Kock! First Words

    Knock Knock! Who is it?... It's Knock Knock! First words - a brand new game created for babies (yes babies!), toddlers and up! View game here

Brands we Stock

  • The Puppet Company
  • House of Marbles
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Wilberry Toys
  • Apples to Pears
  • Basic Fun
  • Pretend to Bee
  • Clockwork Soldier
  • Care Bears
  • Floss & Rock
  • Jo & Nic's Crinkly Cloth Books
  • Hasbro
  • Legler
  • Le Toy Van
  • Mattel
  • My Little Pony
  • Orange Tree Toys
  • Pound Puppies
  • Slinky
  • Tobar
  • The Toy Tribe
  • Fisher Price
  • Little People, BIG DREAMS