Playing Outdoors

The long school summer holidays are fast approaching and it looks to be a summer of fine weather so lets encourage our children to put down the game consoles, turn off the TV and get out into the wonderful fresh air and create some fun!

There is so much for children to do outdoors, even in their own back garden, they can help you with the gardening, go exploring in to the deep undergrowth for wildlife, or even creating their very own adventure making dens or secret hideouts.

Some of the things I remember playing outdoors were skipping or jump rope as some people call it, even the simple things of finding a stone and marking out a hopscotch. Running around with my friends not a care in the world. We even created a play one summer and charged the local neighbours to come in and watch the performance :) The day would go by and before I knew it my mum would be calling me in for tea. The whole six weeks holiday would fly, full of adventures and fun so much to talk about when back at school.
So lets get out and make the most of the summer weather we have. Let the children open their imaginations and play together creating fun and adventures with great and simple toys & games and leave the electronic devices switched off.

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